Trendline break Alert Indicator

Ever experienced seeing a trendline break after consolidation. You have been watching and waiting for that break that you knew was coming but because you were sidetracked by something you had to do. By the time you come back to check the trend you already missed that crucial break. Because in all honesty, it is not possible to watch every currency pair for that crucial break.

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Profitable Trading – Tom Hall


Casinos consistently generate billions in revenue per year in what many individuals believe is luck.
Casinos don’t exists because of luck, they understand that over a series of events, the odds are in their favour.

As a financial trader you must become the Casino and understand that you will hit drawdown and period of losses, however if your continue to execute your trade plan your profitable edge will play out over time.

Remember, you have no control over when the markets will provide trade opportunities, you do however have control over your capital.


Do you experience a feeling of excitement or dread once you execute a live position?
If yes, there are a number of reason why these emotions would be present.

The first is you either have not back...

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Oscillators and Momentum Indicators

The most powerful tool of any forex trader is being able to identify whether the market is in trend or not, being able to work out if a trend is beginning or ending. Mastering this knowledge is one of the most powerful tools you can have as a forex trader. The strength of a trend is mostly referred to as momentum and there are several

Momentum indicators, a type of Oscillator, that can measure this. Momentum indicators vary between two points on a graph to indicate oversold and overbought positions. They are used as a signal to confirm a strong trend as well as trend reversal. The calculation behind the momentum indicator is the comparison between a certain price and price set a few periods before that.

The following are the most famous and commonly used indicators, the RSI, Sto...

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Cashback Forex

How to Get Cash Rebates on Every Trade at Leading FX Brokers

CASHBACKFOREX™ – When you open a trading account through us we earn a commission from your broker for each trade you place. From this commission we pay you cash for each trade you place. Your spreads and trading conditions DO NOT change, they remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker.

The only difference is you get extra cash for each trade, no catch. Our clients have opened over 46,000 broker accounts through our service. CASHBACKFOREX™ is the original rebate service and is still by far the largest and must trusted provider of forex rebates, having reliably provided cash back to traders since 2008.

Our knowledgeable, multilingual support staff is available 24 hours via telephone,...

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Support and Resistance

There is a deep-seated misconception among newbie forex traders that when a market is moving in a certain direction it will move so in a perpendicular angle, I know this cos that’s how I thought so too initially but in reality the market moves in zig zags whether going long or short. As a trader you need to learn and identify these changes as they are very crucial in making you a successful trader. These zig zag patterns are identified as support, resistance levels, higher highs, higher lows (uptrend), lower highs and lower lows (downtrend).

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Learn to Trade Review

In my early days trading Forex I came across a Facebook advert from Learn to Trade. They had an opt in form to book depending on where you were in Gauteng.

I enthusiastically booked for me and my son on a session that was in Sandton. On the said day I booked an afternoon off from work and drove to Sandton with Linge.

Got there in time with other enthusiastic would be Forex traders. Don’t remember which floor their offices were but it was a very plush office space. Tea and biscuits were served before the start of the session and we had to sign in confirming our presence.

The session started where we were shown the philanthropic work done by the founder of Learn to Trade all over the world and then we were sold the sales pitch...

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Forex Course Content

We offer an extensive course for those Forex enthusiasts who would like to take a dab in and learn forex. This comes at a minimal costs where you are only charge for our time to teach.

We are not promising miracles or instant riches but enlightenment to help you make decisive analysis and confident future trades.

Here is what we offer:



  1. What is Forex?
  2. Why Trade Forex?
  3. Who Trades Forex?
  4. When Can You Trade Forex?
  5. How Do You Trade Forex?
  6. Types of Charts
  7. How to use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) / MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
  8. Brokers
  9. Keeping a Trading Journal
  10. Stop Losses and Take Profit
  11. Trailing Stop
  12. Developing your own Trading Plan
  13. Which type of Trader are you?
  14. Create your own Trading Style

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What is forex

Forex is a global currency trading market where foreign currencies of the world are traded. Simply put it is the buying and selling of currencies. Its also called the Foreign Exchange or FX.

$4 trillion is estimated to be traded daily. Forex is the largest and most liquid market on the earth.

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XM Promotions and Bonuses

In terms of ranking XM is my number 1 FX Broker for a number of reasons but here is just a few which are of significance and majorly important.

XM offers a $30 no obligation Trading Bonus to new clients. This means you can start trading without depositing money. This amount is automatically credited into your account once its verified The bonus cannot be withdrawn but you can withdraw your profits

Promotions and Bonuses

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