Profitable Trading – Tom Hall


Casinos consistently generate billions in revenue per year in what many individuals believe is luck.
Casinos don’t exists because of luck, they understand that over a series of events, the odds are in their favour.

As a financial trader you must become the Casino and understand that you will hit drawdown and period of losses, however if your continue to execute your trade plan your profitable edge will play out over time.

Remember, you have no control over when the markets will provide trade opportunities, you do however have control over your capital.


Do you experience a feeling of excitement or dread once you execute a live position?
If yes, there are a number of reason why these emotions would be present.

The first is you either have not back...

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Learn to Trade Review

In my early days trading Forex I came across a Facebook advert from Learn to Trade. They had an opt in form to book depending on where you were in Gauteng.

I enthusiastically booked for me and my son on a session that was in Sandton. On the said day I booked an afternoon off from work and drove to Sandton with Linge.

Got there in time with other enthusiastic would be Forex traders. Don’t remember which floor their offices were but it was a very plush office space. Tea and biscuits were served before the start of the session and we had to sign in confirming our presence.

The session started where we were shown the philanthropic work done by the founder of Learn to Trade all over the world and then we were sold the sales pitch...

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