So what is a Forex Funded Account? Many forex traders do not have the resources to fund their accounts with enough money to trade with less anxiety. Most of us have had that experience where you’ve made the right trade but entered too early and because your free margin was too small and it kept shrinking very quickly you end up blowing your account. The recommended amount to be able to make manageable trade is $250 which most traders do not have.

Step in Forex Funded Accounts where you are funded to trade by utilising your tried and tested winning strategies and make a stable profit. To get funded mostly you have to go through an assessment phase where you are tested to see if you can trade successfully with a simulated account or courses. Once a potential trade has passed the evaluation phase they can start earning from day one. Profit-sharing differs from company to company with some even giving you a 50/50 share.

List of funded trading accounts

AudaCity Capital Funded Trader Program

Leeloo Trading

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