Ever experienced seeing a trendline break after consolidation. You have been watching and waiting for that break that you knew was coming but because you were sidetracked by something you had to do. By the time you come back to check the trend you already missed that crucial break. Because in all honesty, it is not possible to watch every currency pair for that crucial break.

Uses of the Trendline Break Alert Indicator are not limited to what has been specified above. You can use it for other setups as well (see image below).

Its can only be limited by your imagination (see image below). The only ground rule is that its purpose is to identify a breakout in the trend and alert you to it.

The Trendline Break Alert Indicator can also be set to send you mobile alerts from your MT4 platform. This indicator can only be used on the MT4 platform.

Please note that once installed, you need to use the trendline to plot your lines and auto trading must be enabled.

This indicator is available as a free download on this site. Just fill in below your details and a download link will be emailed to you.

Multi-Trendlines Breakout Indicator


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