In my early days trading Forex I came across a Facebook advert from Learn to Trade. They had an opt in form to book depending on where you were in Gauteng.

I enthusiastically booked for me and my son on a session that was in Sandton. On the said day I booked an afternoon off from work and drove to Sandton with Linge.

Got there in time with other enthusiastic would be Forex traders. Don’t remember which floor their offices were but it was a very plush office space. Tea and biscuits were served before the start of the session and we had to sign in confirming our presence.

The session started where we were shown the philanthropic work done by the founder of Learn to Trade all over the world and then we were sold the sales pitch. While this was going on my son and I kept looking at each other because everything that was being said we already knew.

The conclusion of the sales pitch was a software that you would be offered for free costing in access of $3000 monthly if you were not part of the Learn to Trade family. So here is the good part. The 3 weeks course they were offering normally costs a R180 000 we were told but they had it discounted to R28 000. This was a one time deal only. You had to fill in a form and pay the money immediately in order to be in on the deal. Actually saw 3 guys filling in the said form and swiping their cards.

Characteristics of the software was that it would show you low, medium and high impact news and you also be able to follow certain traders hand picked by them and copy their trades. Obviously no one would need to go to such an information if they had R28 000 lying around. Naturally 80% of the people who attended came out disillusioned.

Since that encounter I have managed to acquire all the tools they were offering and more on the internet for free.

If someone is offering to teach you Forex he/she cannot charge you more than R5000 because you are only paying for his/her time and the imparting of knowledge that this person has. There is no magic formula. Forex is like school. In the end to make money you need to put into practice what you’ve been taught and you definitely won’t succeed immediately. Alternatively you can do your own research on the internet and learn.

Apply your mind in any decision you make regarding Forex and don’t get scammed by these wanna be’s who are ripping people off their hard earned monies.

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