In terms of ranking XM is my number 1 FX Broker for a number of reasons but here is just a few which are of significance and majorly important.

XM offers a $30 no obligation Trading Bonus to new clients. This means you can start trading without depositing money. This amount is automatically credited into your account once its verified The bonus cannot be withdrawn but you can withdraw your profits

Promotions and Bonuses

XM also offers a 50% deposit bonus up to $500 and 20% up to a maximum combined bonus amount of $5000.

All profits generated can be withdrawn at any time but this will affect and result in the removal of a proportion in your bonus.

The deposit is available to all clients making deposits up to and until a maximum of $5000 has been received.

XM Zero accounts are not eligible for this bonus

Promotions and Bonuses

My favourite is the loyalty programme which rewards you for continual trading. You start as an Executive and eventually progress to Elite.

You are rewarded with XMP points which can be converted to trading currency which

you can claim and is added into your account. The amount can only be used for trading and cannot be withdrawn.

If you stop trading for a certain amount of time you are given a warning and then down graded.

Unfortunately the Debit Card facility which I loved the most was cancelled by XM and we are just told it was a Management decision.

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