What is Forex
What is Forex
Forex is a global currency trading market where foreign currencies of the world are traded. Simply put it is the buying and selling of currencies. Its also called the Foreign Exchange or FX.
Support and Resistance
Support and Resistance
There is a deep-seated misconception among newbie forex traders that when a market is moving in a certain direction it will move so in a perpendicular angle, I know this cos that’s how I thought so too initially but in reality the market moves in zig zags whether going long or short.
Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
The most powerful tool of any forex trader is being able to identify whether the market is in trend or not, being able to work out if a trend is beginning or ending. Mastering this knowledge is one of the most powerful tools you can have as a forex trader.
EMA, RSI and Parabolic SAR Strategy
EMA, RSI and Parabolic SAR Strategy
For this strategy you are going to be using 3 indicators on MT4, Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Parabolic SAR.


Bullish Bat H1 by Khoza on TradingView.com

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EA's and Indicators

Indicators and EA's can greatly assist with your trading but they should not replace you or your trading strategies. I found EA's to be exceptionally good in finding entry points but need constant monitoring to make sure you are able to quickly close loosing trades. I have listed only what I have utilised, provided short descriptions and download links

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